Онлайн Школа Карнеевой Елены



Every moment for the baby - an eternity. Within a few seconds, minutes, days of crumbs is the mass of events, it is constantly evolving, his life is filled with sincere emotions and experiences. Unfortunately, over time, we forget most of the highlights of the lives of their children who are covered by the haze of daily hassles and domestic concerns are lost in the depths of memory forever. Children's photography - a unique chance to leave at least a tiny fraction of those unforgettable memories that accompany us and our children during the first years of life.

Family portraits


Waiting for a miracle. The initial life of a new man. It is worthy to be engraved on the pictures in a photo shoot. A pregnant woman is beautiful, touching, sublime, and professional photos of pregnant women can pass the entire interior of her beauty. I strive to reflect the picture amazing atmosphere of genuine happiness.

Story about us

Family. What could be more valuable for a person living in our dynamic age sverhskorostey and digital technologies. The island of stability in the stormy ocean of intrigue and passion, a tower of strength in difficult situations, an opportunity to be yourself. Family portrait - a genre picture, which is able to preserve the memory of fleeting moments of life together.

Nude art

Erotic photography - a genre that is still puzzling, is the cause of disputes. Many of us have not got rid of stereotypes. Nevertheless, professional nude photos made ??by the artist, has nothing to do with the vulgar images, imposed by our society with Puritan beliefs. It is an art rooted in the distant past.


Unlike most genres, advertising photography is not a reflection of the inner world of the author. With it you do not seek to express personal feelings or emotions. Commercial photography is designed to maximize the impact on the subconscious mind of the potential consumer of the goods or services.

Object photography

Advantageous to provide the goods, to show its best side, to increase sales through professional delivery of advertising materials. All this leads to the subject survey, the price is often not of great importance in relation to quality.

Photo books